Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July......

As you all know diabetes doesn't take a vacation on holidays, instead it decides to cause complete wackiness!!!

Trying to wing carb counts has not been one of my strong points the past 7 months. Yesterday proved no exception!! Trying to figure the carbs on a "scoop" of banana pudding OR Jello salad OR homemade ice cream is very difficult. In fact I think I pretty much crashed him every dose I gave him.

I finally learned my lesson after a dose I gave him dropped him in the 50's within 45 minutes of administering!! He ended up having to sit in a room upstairs, out of the "action" for nearly an hour. Not a fun thing to do for a kid!! I kept kicking myself and chanting...."Better to let him go high on days like today.......better to let him go high." But it's so hard not to give him insulin when he eats a brownie and ice cream!!!

Eating Watermelon...low!!
Eating watermelon to combat a low!!

Just as he was coming out of his low a few of his cousins were going on a walk. He came to me with really sad eyes and said he didn't have anyone to play with? He said the girl he was playing with was going on a walk. I told him he should go on the walk too!! He looked at me shocked and said, "But what about my diabetes?" I told him it would be fine, and to go ahead.

On the walk my cousin picked mulberries for the kids to try. As she was handing them out she tried to give one to J.J., but J.J. told her that he had diabetes and couldn't eat it. I have mixed feelings about that.....I'm so proud of him....he knows he's not supposed to eat carbs without insulin....and he knows fruits have carbs. But I'm also sad that he couldn't just try a mulberry like the other kids (as a side note....he would have been completely fine trying one, but he's been told not to eat anything without me knowing).

Watching fireworks!!

Right before fireworks started I did a check and he was 279!! Every part of me wanted to dose, but hubby said "Don't correct for it, it's probably just the excitement of the fireworks." So I let him be. He even had some watermelon after fireworks, and again every part of me said "Weigh it out, dose for it." But I didn't. I let him eat it, like the other kids.......but the whole time in the back of my head, I'm thinking...."Where is he at....what is the night going to look he going to skyrocket?"

Eating Watermelon....
Eating watermelon without counting carbs!!!

Hubby did the night checks and found him going gradually down overnight....without insulin. All the activity and excitement was working in our favor. This morning he ended up in the 90's!!:-)


Cara said...

It's so hard, because you want to do so well. And that's a good thing. But I will tell you, after years of being a diabetic, when you are a kid you sometimes just have to be a kid. Better to let it run in the 200's than to crash all the time. As he gets older, it will get easier. :) You are doing a wonderful job. Your son is lucky to have you and your husband to take care of him. God knows what He's doing when things like this happen.

Colleen said...

J.J. is a lucky young guy to have two parents who care so much and take care of him. And yup, probably letting him just be a kid sometimes is the best thing. Even if it gives you minor heart failure every now and then. Sounds like you had a great 4th!

Lisa said...

Holidays are soooo hard. Our first holiday with D was about a week after Izzy got out of the hospital and it was Easter. I had already bought a whole bunch of candy to stock the baskets. We have leaned since then that for some reason Izzy does really, really well on holidays. I think because my hubby and I are paying so much attention that we are extra cautious. But, we always try to let her be a kid and do what kids do. It usually works best for all of us.

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