Saturday, June 7, 2008

An Evening Out.....YAY!!.....

We finally celebrated our anniversary!!! Jason first took me to Manny's.....awesome steakhouse!! They bring the cokes in these cute little bottles. I nabbed one last year for our anniversary as a little souvenir. This year I couldn't help but think of Donna when I nabbed another one!!

Manny's Diet Coke

Then we went on a walk around the St. Anthony Falls area. Nice to take a walk without mosquitoes threatening to carry us away. We saw the 35W bridge rebuild....hadn't been down there since the collapse.

Minneapolis Bridge Rebuild

Then we went to see Indian Jones.....what a bummer!!! That's all I'll say!!

O.K.....the great thing about this evening was that Jess did an awesome job. J.J. was just fine and all went well on the home front. Jess called us when J.J. ate dinner to have us double-check his numbers and dosage.

It was nice to have an evening out and not worry about J.J. I do worry about putting to much responsibility on Jess, but I am thankful she can do this for us every now and then.


huskermarty said...

Glad that you and Jason were able to get a nite out. Sounds like you had fun and Jessica did an awesome job.

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh, St. Anthony Main is truly one of my favorite places to go - also nice to ride bike around. There is a very special calmness about that area of the river. I love it.

And Manny's..............supersize me Manny's!! I was there once years ago with people from work. One guy was a vegetarian so he ordered a baked potato ad brocolli. They brought it to him on a turkey platter sized plate. The potato seemed as big as a football and the brocolli must have weighed way over a pound.

Lynnea said...

"Super-size me Manny's"--FUNNY....I like that!! It is soooo true!!! We literally walked out with pounds of food after stuffing ourselves!! We could have fed our entire family on those portion sizes. We even slit our steak option....and still walked out with a side of beef!!:-) could that person stand going to Manny's being a vegetarian? Especially when they wheel the cart out with all the cuts of meat??:-)

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