Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What are Smarties?

If you want to understand this post.... you must read the previous post first!! Go ahead I'll wait!!


Last night before bedtime we took J.J.'s glucose reading and we were contemplating how to treat it. He was at a 74....o.k. number, but not for going to bed. Jason was throwing out Smarties as a good treatment. I, however, thought something slower acting would be better.

At any rate hubby and I are discussing the possibilities when our Smarties Suspect says:


(Ummm.....hon, don't you remember eating 15 rolls of them??:-)


dani said...

i have a guess on who your "smarties suspect" might be...hmmmmm

Donna said...

Like I've said before, aren't kids cute?

Cara said...

He he he. I love it. How is it that kids say things that are so darn cute??

Lynnea said... mom figured it out right away!!:-)

Yes, kids are cute!! It keeps them alive!!:-)

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