Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Smarties Suspect......

Smarties Surprise!!!
15 Smarties wrappers!! 15!!

J.J. called me from his bedroom, "MOM!! MOM!! Look at all these wrappers!! Where did they come from?"

Since he has learned to be dramatic from his sisters, I didn't immediately catch on to his excitement. When I finally did see what he was hollering about, my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

"You did NOT eat those, did you?"


"ARE YOU SURE?".....he has a propensity for "tricking" me (as he likes to call it)!!

"No, Mama, it wasn't me. I can't reach that high."

"Everyone in my bedroom!!"

The three "youngers" were in hearing range....I figured my two older girls could be excluded from the "interrogation".

"Who ate all of these?"

The look on one of the girls' face was full of fear.....and guilt!! When she confessed I asked her when she ate them.....

"Yesterday and today."

It was really hard to keep from laughing....but I didn't.....because this was serious. What if it had been J.J.!!?? I've drilled it into him that he can't eat ANYTHING without me knowing.....but he's a kid.....ya know!!?? It could have been him! I do keep his special diabetes items on a high shelf in our bedroom.....but now I'm thinking..... LOCK AND KEY!!!

I suppose I also have to talk to J.J. about making his sisters jealous. He reminds them often of all the "special" things he gets to have because of his diabetes. I like to view them as "medical necessities", but the girls?....I'm sure they only see CANDY!!.....and why wouldn't they??

Thankfully, this time I only have to deal with the Smarties Suspect....she's already making her plea for leniency as we await Dad's sentencing. She just posted this outside my bedroom!!:-) Ahhh.....kids do make life interesting!!

Smarties Suspect


Shannon said...

Brendon would draw me pictures hoping to appeal to my soft side when he'd be in his room for punishment. I love how they kiss up, LOL.

It's tough to get kids to see that candy/juice is for medicinal purposes rather than a treat. They'll get it someday, though.

Donna said...

Aren't kids cute when it comes to this stuff? But in her defense, I have a hard time stopping myself from not overdoing the smarties. I just can't stop myself. They are so yummy! So I'm glad it wasn't JJ. When I go crazy on smarties, my BGs go through the roof! I usually pay for it later with a huge bolus of insulin & a big headache. Lock & key might be a good idea for me, too. :)

Brett said...

Hi, sorry I wasn't clear on my previous post...but yes you will LOVE the pump!

PS: JJ is a cutie pie!

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