Friday, April 18, 2008

Is that your final answer?.....

Can you tell hubby is gone? I've got a lot to say!!:-)

I just read an awesome post written for prospective pump parents. In it Sandra outlines how they went through the process of deciding which pump was best for them. After reading the post I just had a clearer vision of what we need to do to move forward in the process.

First, I'm going to call the clinic on Monday and request kindly, but firmly that they give me a final answer on the donated pump. It's holding us up. If we can't use it, I need to spend more time researching pumps.

Also, the article helped me realize the process our clinic uses to help us make a decision on the pump is, well.....lame!! I think they just assume we'll use Medtronic. I'm not saying we won't, I just want to try different pumps before I make the decision. So.....

I'm going to ask them to put J.J. on another trial with an Animas pump. That way we can compare at least infusion sets, size, and weight. Since our clinic doesn't do a saline test it really is hard to see how we'll like the electronics.....bummer of a deal.

Finally.....if the clinic is not willing to help.....them I'm calling all of the companies we are considering. I've done my online research, but I want more hands on feel for them. If I have to have all the reps come to my house and "sell me" their product that's what I'll do!!

As I keep saying.....PEOPLE!!! THIS IS A $6,000 DEVICE!!......I need a bunch more information before I just "decide". I even told the CDE so much this week....she just smiled and said "uh-huh".

So there you have it.....a course of action.

As a side note.....if you happen to be in the blogosphere this evening and made it to the end of this post, would you pray for tomorrow. I have to take off the infusion set. We've been told this is where a lot of the pain can come from. I plan on having him sit in a tub for a while, then removing it, but he's already putting up a fuss about it.....he probably overheard the CDE talking about the removal process last Wed.:-(


Cody Turner said...

Try to see about using nail polish remover as you take the infusion set off to dissolve the adhesive so it doesn't stick as bad to the skin. I am on the Minimed pump and have never had a problem with pain from removing an infusion set but then again I am an adult.

Anonymous said...

I know it won't help you with the size, weight, etc., but Animas has a pretty good demo of their software on their website. Animas virtual pump

Lynnea said...

Cody---thanks for the tip. We'll try whatever it takes. J.J. is pretty sensitive.

Amalas--thanks for the link..I'll try it out.

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