Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ain't no thang..... wakes up this morning and wants his pump off. "He's done", he says. Good was time the infusion set came off anyway. I told him he needed to get in a tub to soften it.

While he's drawing his bath and getting in, I decide to give Sarah her spelling test. A couple minutes later I hear:

"Got it!! It's off, Mom!"

By the time I got in there, he was getting out of the tub......acting like it.... "ain't no thang."

"No big deal, Mom. Here....(as he hands me the infusion set.) Can I play outside now?"

So that was that. Nothing eventful. Thanks for your prayers.....guess it was a breeze. He didn't even bleed, no rash, just a tiny hole where it was placed. I asked him all sorts of questions because I was curious to know if it just started coming off on it's own, or did he rip it off? He says he didn't look he just ripped it off!!

I took the opportunity to show the girls what eventually will "feed" J.J. his insulin. Here are a couple pic's from today!

I'm trying to show the cannula in this picture. This is what is in J.J's skin. A needle is used to insert the cannula, but it is then discarded.

Skin after removal of Infusion Set
J.J.'s skin just after he removed the infusion set. It looks better than I thought it would.


Cody Turner said...

Glad it went well with taking the infusion set off. Kids are resislant and will surprise you.

Donna said...

It's so cool that he's wanting to do these things by himself already. He sounds so independent. This will be a great benefit to him (and you) as he gets older. What a trooper!

dani said...

just caught up on your blog--glad to hear the test pumping went well and I'll be praying for a firm answer from the Lord for you on which pump to use. I had no doubt you'd be this way, but I'm thrilled to see you being an aggressive "patient." It seems like these days that is the only way to go. Good for you mom. thanks for the recipe, will have to try it. we are thinking of you and we love you!

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