Friday, April 11, 2008

Christmas in April.....

Today just feels like Christmas!! The snow is flying outside....o.k. it's downright blizzard-like. Hubby is home from work. There's a ham in the crockpot, potatoes on the stove, and homemade dinner rolls rising on the counter. We're celebrating the fact that our oldest daughter got her first job a quilt shop no less.....I'm so jealous!! AND to top it all off, our free One Touch Ultra Mini showed up in the mailbox!!

One Touch UltraMini Green

I must say I was a little disappointed at the size of the meter. We were looking to get something J.J. could put in a hip-pack while he was out exploring with his sisters. The pictures in magazines and online make the ULTRA MINI!! But with the case, strips, poker, extra lancets, the thing is a bit bulky.

One Touch Ultra Mini Case
Ultra Mini with Finger Poker, Strips and Lancets

Two Meter Cases
Comparing Case Sizes
Right: One Touch Ultra 2
Left: One Touch Ultra Mini


I will not complain....because IT WAS "FREE"!! Of course all of J.J.'s meters have been free!! That's not where the money is at for these companies. It's the blasted test strips. Check out Bernard's take on the test strip deal.

If you use the One Touch family of meters, or even if you don't and want to try something new go to this site, and fill out the questions. Easy as pie. The meter took just a couple of weeks to arrive. Quicker than I had expected.

Christmas in April is almost over.....the dinner was delicious!! HOWEVER.....I wonder if God knows it's SPRING??!! O.K.....I know HE knows...but none the less......

Snow, Snow
Come again on


Donna said...

There's a chance of snow here tonight in Indiana, too. I can't believe it. It was almost 70 degrees earlier today. I didn't have to wear a jacket. I guess I'll be wearing the winter coat again tomorrow. And I had some flowers coming up in the yard already & forgot to go cover them up. But it's late so I'll have to trust that God will protect them for me. Hope your snow goes away quickly & spring it just around the corner.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I am so stinking tired of this snow! Ug! It is APRIL for goodness sakes!

I'm ready for the April showers and May flowers!

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