Friday, February 22, 2008

A first…and twice in a 24 hr period……

Diabetes is definitely becoming integrated in our lives. It's becoming "commonplace"….and how do I know that?….We forgot to give him his Lantus dose last night!! We normally give him that dose at bedtime. Well, it was 10:15 when it dawned on me…."we forgot Lantus"!!!!

Then at lunchtime today, I had given him his food, and went back to preparing our taxes. Almost 2 hours later it dawned on me. "I didn't bolus for his meal!!!"……and his mood is such lately that he's not going to remind me.

Anyway….missing those shots made me realize our lives have come back to "normal"….a new "normal", but it also makes me realize that diabetes never goes away. It's always there, it always needs attending to….

Blog worthy comments….

The past couple of days J.J. has been a little out of sorts. He's had some real mood swings. Sometimes just an angel, other times just plain scary….not sure if it's the diabetes, but he's said some things that are "blog worthy".

Last night he said just before going to bed, "Mama, I wish I didn't have diabetes". Wow….if that doesn't make a heart sick. I just said "Baby, I wish you didn't either." ….kissed him and sent him off to bed.

Today I had to call him up to get a shot (the one I forgot about)….and he wanted to fight me. He did end up sitting for me and while I was giving him the shot he said "I want to die", as he gave me this really mean looking face. Now my mind for sure knows that he's 5 years old, and he really doesn't know truly what he was saying…but I had to sit there for quite a while and ask him to never say that again. I asked him if he'd like to go back to the hospital, and he said "no"….he DOES know about that….and I told him dieing would be much worse. I had to let it go….but I do hope he never says it again. I imagine down the road we may have to battle those feelings of wanting to die rather than live with diabetes, and I can only pray God gives me the wisdom to help him with those feelings, but for now I just can't bear to hear those words come out of his mouth.

Friendly advice…

I'm not sure what to do with all the conflicting "friendly advice" we receive….sometimes from complete strangers. So much of it conflicts with what our endo is telling us. The latest we received yesterday. A friend of a friend gave us some honey that must be low carb or something (I can't read the actual label). She had a post-it note stuck on the outside that said:

"Stay Away from these(5)….Potatoes, Rice, Corn, Hi-Carb Breads, and Pasta. All turn to sugar in the body. Cause hi-glucose levels."

At first I was in shock as I thought of the last 4 dinners my son ate…..

Monday: hamburgers with tator tots(POTATOES)

Tuesday: Grilled Cheese(not sure if our bread is "hi-carb" or not….it's wheat?)

Wednesday: Vegetable stew(had CORN in it) with Rice (RICE)

Thursday: Fettuccini(PASTA)

hmmm…..our endo says he can have anything….ANYTHING….as long as we bolus for it. So what do I do with so much "friendly advice"? And so much conflicting advice??? I wonder if it's the whole Type 1 vs. Type 2 thing or ???? . I know their hearts are really just wanting to help us, but I still just don't know how to respond yet. I guess for now I'll keep listening to our endo, and observing J.J. and what works best for him.....but just makes me say "hmmmm??"


Robert said...

Good advice comes from people that preface it with "This works for me but may not work for you".

Blanket statements about diet and health from friends and reports on the news may be true, but also might be totally inaccurate. Making slow changes and testing things out is a great way to expand your knowledge of diabetes, but its hard to get a feeling for what those changes are doing when diabetes is still new to you.

Donna said...

Robert's right. I know what works for me DOES NOT work for other people. Everyone is different. Your endo is probably your best reference right now. The rest just comes with time & experimenting with what works for JJ.

Hang in there - people will be offering advice to you forever - or until a cure is found - whichever comes first.

in search of balance said...

It's such an individual disease that no one thing works for all of us.

For me, I find that high carb, high glycemic foods raise my blood sugar too much and too quickly, so I do avoid them. If I was one of the diabetics for whom that was not true, I would eat them! It's just a matter of testing and seeing, testing and seeing. What you learn as you test JJ will be more helpful than any advice out there!

Best of luck to you guys.

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