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December 8, 2007
A day forever etched in my memory!!

J.J.'s condition had deteriorated the week prior to us going to the doctor, but this day it plummeted. When we arrived in the ER after going to the doc, J.J. was so weak he couldn't walk. The ER staff started him on an IV to help him get hydrated. He then started complaining of a headache, and writhed in pain. They ordered an immediate CT scan to determine if there was swelling on the brain. My heart almost breathing was slow. The week prior I had prepared myself for the diagnosis...diabetes, o.k. we can handle that....but thoughts crossed my mind now of death. "Lord, is this the day You've ordained for him?" "Oh please, Lord, I'll accept Your will, but I do want him, please allow him to stay with us." "He's my only son, Lord. You have an only Son....You know what it's like Lord....please sustain me if it's time for my only son to die.". I know it was a matter of minutes before they came back with the results...but it seemed like an eternity. Thankfully the tests came back negative. Now it was time to wait it out and watch his reaction to the treatment.

J.J. in the ER!!

J.J. was moved to the I.C.U. where he was started on an insulin drip and monitored. About 45 minutes later he again complained of a headache. This time it was much worse and for a longer period of time. We had the doctors and nurses trying to figure out how to help him. He finally did calm down, and it was later revealed to us by the doctor that they had prescribed the wrong dosage of insulin, so they were bringing his blood glucose down way too fast. He could not eat or drink for fear of him going into a coma and possibly needing to put a tube down his throat. We fed him ice chips the rest of the day. He was still so tired and lethargic.

The nurses had troubles with the IV's because of his size and condition. In the middle of the night one of his IV's came out and it took 45 minutes to reinsert. The trauma from that left him exhausted and delirious. He was so fearful that nurses were going to hurt him so he continued to cry out "in pain" for some time. It took me a bit to realize he wasn't in pain, but feared the pain. I promised him I would shut the door so the nurses would stay out. With that he calmed down and finally fell asleep. I then begged the nurse to postpone her hourly check long enough to get him into a deep sleep. The next two blood draws he slept through!!

J.J. in I.C.U!!! He still doesn't like people in blue outfits...I wonder why?!!!:)

Jason's brothers, Andy and Ben, drove up from NE!!
Jason was surprised to hear laughing in the waiting room at 3:30 AM. Comes to find out it's his brothers!! They were a nice diversion for Jason.
J.J. made it through the first 18 hours without major complications, so he was transported to a normal room where we started our diabetic training. We spent the next afternoon in class learning the basics. As our educator said, "A first grade education in diabetes." Boy was she right. We tried to learn what we could but being tired, stressed, fatigued. WOW!! That afternoon the rest of the children were brought to us, plus we had other visitors to keep J.J. company. He was still very tired and weak, but able to walk. The following day (December 10th), we had another class in the morning and J.J. was released right after lunch.

J.J. --About 30 hours after being admitted to the hospital. His smile has returned!!


Lisa said...

Awww! Your story has me crying. I remember the hospital stay too. Your story also reminds me how lucky we were. Isabelle wasn't that sick when she was admitted. We had problems with the IV too. A few months after Izzy was diagnosed she reminded me about her IV getting kinked and an alarm going off about every 15 minutes the first night she was in the hospital. It's amazing what they remember. Hang in there. You can do it.

Jill said...

Awwwww :( Reading your story had me in tears! My daughter Kacey was just diagnosed with T1 only 8 short weeks ago and we're still in the "Is this really happening" stage. She was ketoacidosis when she was admitted and had the IV problems as well! She spent 3 days in PICU and we were put thru all that training with only an hour sleep! I surfed over your blog and saw that JJ just got his pump....YAYYYY! That is SOOOO what we're hoping for :) We go back next week for her first recheck of her A1c since the hospital so Im excited to see how much its come down!

You can see our blog at

Thanks for sharing your story :)

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