Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Day...Another Diagnosis

In December J.J. had his routine blood screenings. The Celiacs panel came back elevated.  We were advised to wait 3-4 months and recheck.  At the recheck his numbers doubled.   We were then referred to the pediatric gastroenterology clinic.  After a two month wait to get into that clinic, J.J. was scheduled for an endoscopy.

Today was the endoscopy. TODAY....after a half a year of wondering..... today..... we got the answer. Today we saw the inside of J.J.'s small intestine.  Today we saw the damage.  Today we heard the words.... again.... "I'm sorry, he has _____."  Today I felt that sinking feeling... I had held out hope that maybe it would be different for him, but deep down knew. Today I held back tears.  Today we all put on brave faces....and stepped...into...another lifestyle change.  Today we bought new foods, new appliances, new kitchen items.  Today he ate noodles...from Noodles... and pizza....from Pizza Hut....just because.  Today I think about cross-contamination.  Today J.J. hangs out with his Dad and learns how to change the brake pads on a car, and pick up round bails for the horses.  Today J.J. is still a kid.


I thanked God....

He loves J.J....infinitely more than I do.
His every morning!
His provision
Living in America
The doctor's skilled hands and knowledge
Girls holding down the fort
BG 130 before surgery
BG 90 after
BG coming down from 600's after a pump malfunction last night!
J.J.'s concern that his food will be too costly
          ....his tender spirit
J.J....not much pain
Jason's job
Jason taking us and being with us 
Friends and family praying
Life is..more. than. food!! I am sad....but today...I AM THANKFUL!!!

Another Day....another diagnosis.....


Sara said...

Oh! Thank you for this beautiful post. So much hard and good wrapped up together. I will be praying for you as you adjust to this new way of loving and caring for JJ, and learn all about this new thing that I wish you didn't have to learn about. JJ is blessed to have you as his mom (and dad, and family, etc.)

Sara Shull

Misty said...

I am sorry that you have another diagnosis! Prayers for you and your family. We do have so much to be thankful for.

Rachael Saunders said...

so sorry you have a new dx. Prayers for you and your family

John Cheek said...

Thoughts and prayers for you and your family, John Cheek

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