Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why Was This Child Born Blind?

This month is an emotionally charged month for me. We've gone through a baby dedication for our youngest, a baptism for our 13 year old, an anniversary celebrating 19 years of wedded bliss/perseverance....(hey, I'm a realist, marriage isn't always bliss filled...sometimes it's "stick it out" filled.) In a little over a week I will graduate my first born from home school, and two days later watch her run her first marathon! I have shed many tears in the gym. All tears of joy and amazement. On Sunday, though, our pastor preached on disabilities from John 9:1-4, and I shed more tears.... tears of healing. Just when I think diabetes has been shoved back in my brain, not even detectable....Pastor Piper has to go and preach on children and disabilities!!!

Here are the links to the sermon...I'm trying to embed it here, but I'm not sure it will work!

Why Was This Child Born Blind?

If you have time to watch, listen to , or read the sermon I believe it will be worth your time....especially if you have a child with disabilities or a disease, or know someone who does.

Pastor Piper captured my attention from the start with this line:

"One of the hardest things in life is the suffering of children, and the suffering of those who love them—especially when that early suffering turns into a lifetime of living with profound loss."

Yes, I can say J.J.'s diabetes is one of the hardest things in my life.....and yet....

"We want our lives to reflect an unshakable joy in the Lord that allows us to embrace a life of suffering in disability for His purpose and glory. We want to shout that life with a disability and with Jesus is infinitely better than a healthy body without Him."(Piper reading from the Disabilities Vision Statement)

There is so much in this sermon....I would love to unpack it for you....but I'd botch it all the kids are sitting in my room waiting for me to finish....ha!! listen to it!!:)

I will say.... our family saw more heart healing this weekend for which I'm thankful!! I'm also thankful for Pastor T.R....who, through his counsel led us to Bethlehem where we have found grace filled, gospel infused teaching. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you....and praise GOD!!:)

I'll end with the last line from the online sermon text:

"May God give you eyes to see that the display of his works in his Son’s suffering and your suffering and your child’s suffering are all expressions of his love."


DannJ said...

Since JJ is so excited about the pump being gone have you had any conversations with him about how he feels knowing others perceive that he has diabetes? It concerns me that children are burdened with the stigmas of the disease and miss out on things due to management and that there is a concern in the medical community about people being very pressured to hide the fact that they have diabetes.

Lynnea said...

Dear DannJ...I don't know who you are and since you just happened to appear in the blogosphere scene last month I wonder if it's worth my time to answer your question. But I will.

The fact that his pump is gone has to do more with the logistical complexities of being a kid...a very active kid who loves dirt and mud and all things to him being a NORMAL kid means being out there with his friends in the dirt not having to worry about an electronic device.

As far as him caring about other kids knowing he has it....he doesn't mind. He even has a sense of pride being "different" at times. He'll have kids gathered around him while he checks his proud as could be. He shows them how brave he is...that it's no big deal.

Who knows what will happen in his teens....but we'll sail those waters when we get there.

BTW....the article you referred me to STINKS!!! Absolutely STINKS! UGH!! The article actually used the word SICK to describe my child!!!! SICK of all words...WOW...don't get me started....but wait, you already have!!! If you happen to be the author of that article or know him....tell him that using the word SICK in reference to children with diabetes...NOT A GOOD THING!! Couldn't read past that word...try as I might...just couldn't.

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