Friday, May 14, 2010


I can always tell when an endo appointment is just around the corner. I can tell because something always goes haywire with his numbers or we do something really incredibly dumb that we have to explain to the endo. This time it was something really incredibly dumb.

Wednesday night after the baptism service at church J.J. pulled on my shirt and said, "Mama, they're serving root beer floats."

I was busy chatting away with friends we hadn't seen in awhile, but I managed to say my typical,
"Well, check your blood, Bud."

I vaguely heard the result.....low 100's.....good number...o.k...."You can have a root beer float, bud."

I was fully expecting him to get in line himself, but he was patiently waiting, because he even knew that carbs would need to be counted!!

While still chatting away we went through the line, grabbed our root beer floats, ate(or is it drank?) our root beer floats, etc. But while I was chatting I kept chanting in my head, "We need to dose for that, we need to dose for that. Is Jason going to do it? Jason, he'll do it.....but he's talking, too. We need to dose for that." (As a side note....we've both forgotten to dose J.J. after meals lately....and every time we feel like total clods!! I finally begged J.J. (as well as the other kids) to use their young, fresh, non-pregnancy brains to help me remember to dose.)

Time went on, and J.J. wanted to play basketball in the gym with the other boys.....there was my chance to break away from the conversation to make sure he was dosed. He was!!! PHEW!!! Jason had remembered. All's good!!!

But lets back up a minute. This whole time I'm thinking....."Wow, regular pop and ice cream....this is gonna be a doozy to treat....". I walked through the line oblivious to what the church was serving.....(in my defense I had quite a few people coming up to me besides the one conversation I was there were a lot of distractions....but really I have no defense because his care is in my hands!!:()

When we get in the car Jason informs me that there were DIET root beer floats being served as well!!!! DIET?????? If ya'll know the carb difference between regular and diet you know the GASP!!!! that went through my head. Jason said he THOUGHT J.J. took a regular so he dosed for the regular.

I guess I don't need to go into much more detail....J.J. had indeed taken a diet....and we know this because from 10 pm to 1pm we saw numbers in the 30's & 50's....he received 3 juice boxes and milk.....before we saw a 104!! (As a side note.....trying to dose at night while being pregnant is really hard....he's dead weight, and in the past I would lift him and lean him into my body, but with a growing belly it's not easy! Thankfully Hannah was still up writing in her journal and was able to help me!!)

So, yes, we will have to explain to our endo AGAIN that we did something really incredibly dumb!!! Unfortunately J.J. was the one "floating" from this mistake....more like "sloshing" from all the liquids we gave him!!:(


Val said...

You didn't do something dumb - you did something human. Don't beat yourself up for it - we all make mistakes!

Ronda said...

Mistakes can happen...I agree with Val, your human. Luckily you found out about the diet rootbeer float and was ready for battle.

Side note- I make my daughter rootbeer floats by using diet rootbeer and a couple of scoops of frozen cool whip. Next to nothing when it comes to carbs and it tastes just as yummy!

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