Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What was I thinking when I ordered pizza? Wait, I was thinking. That's the scary part. I broke all my pizza rules last night.....ALL OF THEM!!

Rule #1
When husband is out of town, and not able to help with the night shift, DO NOT feed J.J. pizza....especially take out pizza!!!

Rule #2
If pizza is unavoidably on the menu DO NOT feed it to him late in the evening. NEVER past 5 pm if possible!!

Rule #3
NEVER NEVER allow him to have milk or any extra carbs if he's eating pizza.....a diet soda or water will work just fine!!!

So as I sat at the dinner table at 7:36 pm (yes I noticed the clock!) and watched J.J. eat the last of his pizza and sip the last of his milk I contemplated what I had just done. For sure the dual wave will cover this 104 carb meal......two pieces of pizza, breadstick and milk!!! For sure he'll stay steady and I won't be up all night.......for sure....

When he went to bed at 10 pm he was 154!!!! YES!!!! VICTORY!!! AWESOME!!!! Dual wave.... YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

The victory was short lived however. By 12:30 am he was in the 320's!! He stayed that way for the next 3 hours.....with me checking and dosing every hour.

BLASTED PIZZA!! I have to wonder......is it the dough? Does it hold itself back.....mocking me....

"Hee, hee, hee.....you think you've got this figured out! Well, we're gonna wait. Wait for you to go to bed then.... WHAM!!! We're going to enter the bloodstream baby! He won't know what hit him!!"


Is it the fat in the cheese mocking the dough?

"What do you think you're doing? WE are going to DIGEST FIRST. So just hold your pretty little dough horses, cuz we're first in line for the duodenum!"

Either way..... I think I learned one huge lesson last night.....take-out pizza packs a bigger punch than frozen pizza. Must be the higher fat....or could it be thicker dough?

I also think J.J. said it best at the 3:30 am check. When I walked into the room his eyes were open. He told me he had just gotten up to go to the bathroom.

"Yeah....Bud....you've been high all night. I'm surprised you didn't wake up earlier from all the moisture."

His response.....I wish I could give it the proper voice inflection....but his response with a hand thrown above his head was:



phonelady said...

Pizza is the one food that my system will just not tolerate and my bgs go crazy so I have not had pizza in almost five years !!

:) Tracie said...

phonelady hasn't had pizza in 5 years? wow!

Pizza seems to be the most difficult food choice to counter. I think all of us D moms have issues with pizza. (but it's so yummy) Very brave conquering on your own. Nice reation from JJ at 3am!!

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