Friday, January 8, 2010

First Major Illness Since 2007

It all started Saturday morning. J.J. didn't finish his breakfast. Said he didn't feel good. He didn't look good. I called for Jason, since he was the one that managed his breakfast that morning. Not a big deal, diabetes wise. Jason had put him on a dual wave, so he turned that off. All was good....kinda.

By noon, Jason was gone, and I was thinking about heading to the gym. The girls informed me that J.J. had fallen asleep and had been asleep for a couple of hours. My thoughts at the time were...... "Wow!! Okay then. I guess I won't be going to the gym. Time for the IKEA ice trays!!!"

These ice trays only come out for stomach flu symptoms. When my kids were little we would get a ton of vomiting illnesses. Well, maybe not THAT many, but with the illness sweeping through all of us it would seem overwhelming. It was so hard to get little ones to understand that they couldn't eat, but they needed to drink little bits of fluid to stay hydrated until they felt better. So I began using these "special" trays.

Not being sure whether J.J. would need carbs or not I decided to put diet pop in some and juice in others. That way I could be prepared to keep him hydrated depending on his blood glucose numbers.

He woke up hungry, and since he hadn't actually vomited, we fed him what he was hungry for.....sausage and yogurt!!! WEIRD I know, but hey....he kept it down while he slept some more on the couch. By late afternoon though, I had noticed that he had very little fluids going in him, so he needed to drink!!! MISTAKE! He drank a glass of water, then ate more sausage!!

The family had just sat down to the dinner table, with J.J. still on the couch, when he suddenly stood up and gave me the scariest look I've seen since he was in the hospital. He had to vomit!!! He didn't know what to do since he was only 4 the last time he actually did this. I pointed to the bathroom and said "RUN!" But he didn't make it.:(

So that's when it was officially official......we were dealing with a vomiting child who happens to have diabetes. Something I knew eventually would happen, but something that hadn't happened YET. So my mind was racing....actually it went into overdrive. I've dealt with vomiting....but this was NEW....this was SCARIER.....this was......

"OK...vomit. We have vomit. We have vomit on the floor, on the walls, in the door jam. J.J. has vomit on him. Vomit."

So far.....pretty normal thoughts.....

"Uh, oh.....insulin. When was the last time he was dosed? How much carbs did he have? Wait....are there carbs in the vomit?"

Yep.....the D-Mom thoughts emerge!!

"No....looks like water and sausage. No yogurt. Oh praise God!!! The yogurt digested."

I found my diabetes sickday notes and began the process of monitoring.

"OH CRUD.....KETONES!! We have to check for ketones. Do we have any strips? Of course we have strips.....I was Girl Scout by golly.....of course we have strips.....but how many? And where is his BG at....I shoulda checked that before he got in the shower. Do I have enough cubes ready....but what kind will I need? BG? What is his BG? Wait, I'm, I need food."

The rest of the evening I charted (more closely) his BG numbers, fluid intake, carb. intake, and whether or not he was throwing ketones! I made sure he was getting an ice cube and sips of juice(BG's were in a good range, no ketones), every 20-30 minutes or so. Hydration was my goal since he had no ketones....thankfully!

He kept everything down and slept good that night. He woke up chipper and ready to conquer the world on Sunday. We thought we were in the clear......until.....

Monday.....the coughing started. His BG numbers began to skyrocket. He's had horrible chest congestion this week and it's been hard to keep his numbers down. He's on a 200% basal rate and we "overdose" for his carbs.....meaning we give him more insulin that we normally would for the same amount of carbs. He's only seen the 100's a few times this week. I hope he can shake this virus, but for now we continue to do what we can to monitor the illness....... and the diabetes.

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phonelady said...

this is a nasty bug and it hangs on . You might have to get him to the dr for anti biotics . I have had this 6 wks today . It is nasty and I have had to get two rounds of the meds and on second round now . Just be carefull with him .

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