Monday, December 15, 2008

Latest "Tool" in My Diabetes Toolbox......

Jack the Ripper

Yes, it's a seam ripper folks!!!

It's supposed to be a whopping TWENTY BELOW ZERO here tonight. J.J. normally wears his pajama bottoms ONLY, but tonight he came to me wearing his footy PJ's. Smart kid. However, what shall we do about the blasted pump??

JACK THE RIPPER to the rescue!!!

I ripped out a portion of the seam so the tubing could go through to his site.

Pump Tubing Hole

Now the little guy will be warm......well maybe!!!

Warm and cozy on a 20 below night!


Rachel said...

My 5 year old also has Type 1. He loves his footy pj's. We usually just put the pump under the pj. When we need to correct, we just unzip and correct. No need to make a hole in the clothes :)

Lynnea said...

Yeah...we thought of that, but hubby didn't want to dig for it in the night...J.J. tends to need a correction dose nightly.

I'll reinforce the "hole" so it doesn't continue to unravel...I have a serger, so it'll just take a sec.

Cara said...

How cute! Is that pump pack one of Donna's? It looks like it. I love those packs. I have 5. :)

00StormSpotter said...

Now there's a novel idea!
Good thinking!
A pair of PJs with feet is a my Christmas wish list. LOL
I don't think they make them my size.
Merry Christmas

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