Monday, November 10, 2008

Great Service...but...... what??????

J.J.'s sites are really itching him. They don't seem to be infected as it's not at the site of the cannula but the area around, where the adhesive sticks. After talking to the CDE last week, she told me to call Medtronic to have them send out barrier samples.

I called Medtronic late Saturday night. They were extremely helpful & helped me troubleshoot for about 20 minutes. We're thinking J.J. is allergic to a chemical in the infusion set adhesive. Told me they would send me out barrier samples. Little did I know they next day aired them!! About 9 am this morning the supplies arrived. that's service!!

However, I'm kind of wondering where to start and how am I to know if the product works with just ONE sample of each product? And what about the "tapes", like I have to cut a hole in it before I put the set on, or will the needle just penetrate the "film"?

Aye, aye, many NEW things to learn!

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Wendy said...

Glad to see you stop by my blog :) Thought I'd pay you a visit from Phoenix!

Cut the dressing in really don't need all that "extra" plus it'll make your supply last longer. Prep his site as usual and slap the dressing right on the skin...put the site through it and you're done!

We used them when Addy first started pumping (almost 2 yrs ago), but she developed an allergy to the dressing adhesive so now it's just the site for her.

Wendy (Addy's mom - age 5, dx age 24 months)

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