Monday, June 30, 2008

Strawberry Pickin'

Strawberry Pickin' wreaks havoc with blood sugars!!! This is a yearly tradition, and I was wondering how it would turn out. The farm we go to encourages us to taste the produce so we know what we're pickin'. I told the kids "JUST ONE!!" But of course later on I hear J.J. say "I had at least 5." Once they started "tasting" they had a hard time stopping!!

Unfortunately just a few carbs sends him to the moon, so we had to deal with a high, but then I was also dosing for the strawberries he snitched when we got home. Normally he doesn't snitch, but this is our tradition. We bring home pails of strawberries and pretty much make ourselves sick by "grazing" all day long on them. So here I was guessing at how many he ate.......and of course what do I do.....crash him (as a side note....I believe I hit a muscle because he freaked out when I gave him the shot....the boy is so that may also explain the low!!)!!!

And this just a couple days before our endo visit. We were doing pretty good lately.....nice even numbers....right in range.....but, NOOOOO....the last few days we've had a few lows.....ALL explainable by the way!!! But they just had to come NOW.....why NOW??!!! I hate the firing squad questions from the endo after they download J.J.'s meters......."So, what happened here?.....Another low???? Couldn't that have been prevented?" "What were the circumstances with this high/low?"

I hate the questions so much!!! So today when I knew he was going to be low I grabbed a meter from our vehicle that doesn't get used......we'll conveniently forget to give it to the endo!!!:-) I just don't want the questions!! I know what happened and I just don't feel like I need to explain it to them......

Hubby thinks I should stay in the car while he takes J.J. in to see the endo. Hubby has high hopes that J.J.'s A1C will be much lower this time. I, on the other hand, am not going to get my hopes up. I learned my lesson last time. I told hubby I'll try going to the appointment one more time.....if it turns out as bad as the last one.....then he can do it.

Well, so much for strawberry pickin' was a roller coaster day, but those happen sometimes....I've learned that......but WHY NOW!? :-)

(P.S. I know this post is not coherant.....I should be asleep by now....but I promised Jason I would stay up and check J.J.'s blood!!!)


Shannon said...

How could they possibly ask you why his numbers are the way they are....and if they could be prevented???

Most of the time they AREN'T preventable no matter how precise in calculations we are.

Lisa said...

I can't believe that your endo is like that. Ours is not. Every once in a while they will ask if I have any idea what happened with a particular blood sugar, but most of the time they don't. They just keep encouraging us. You should fine another endo if you can.

Donna said...

Good luck at the endo. Hopefully, they won't ask questions like that. I hope everything goes well.

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