Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Messin' with the Nurse.......

Today J.J. had his 5 year check-up....not with the endo.....the normal doc. This is the "big" check-up. At this appointment they like to check his cholesterol and hemoglobin. That means a finger poke!!!

J.J. wanted me to do the finger poke. The timing of the poke matched up perfectly with the time I needed to check his blood. So I asked the nurse if she minded. I had his meter out, and she was already informed he had diabetes. But she was a lot hesitant and said it "wasn't proper procedure", and she needed to do it. O.K....but I requested that when she was done I needed some blood. She agreed to that.

She had J.J. hold out his hand, and SHE picked the middle finger. UMMMM......NO!!! That finger is the worst finger to get blood from. Also....please don't do it on the fleshy part of his finger!!

I kindly told her she should use the pinkie finger and should get it from the side NOT the top of the finger. She look horrified and said, "I've never taken blood from the pinkie." (As a side note...she was a fairly young nurse!)

I replied, "Trust'll get more from this little guy, than the middle finger."

J.J. freaked out a little bit when she whipped out "their" finger poker!! It did look a little archaic, but I reassured him that all was like normal.

The nurse was pleasantly surprised at the amount of blood she was receiving, and I was able to get more than I needed.

The nurse put her vials in the basket and turned to put a band-aid on J.J., when her eyes got really big and very slowly she said to J.J., "You need a band-aid." Then turning to me, "Doesn't he need a band-aid?"

I looked at J.J........he was sucking his finger and with a huge grin on his face he says,

"Nope, don't need a band-aid." he keeps sucking.

I couldn't help but laugh.....put a band-aid on his finger every time he gets a finger poke???!!!

We really messed with that was fun....and it made J.J. really laugh. He said, "I freaked her out!!"


Scott K. Johnson said...

Hehe! Thinking of that whole scene makes me chuckle!

Thanks for sharing!

Minnesota Nice said...

Oh for pity sake - she needed a freakin' out - big time!
"Protocol" has so many different interpretations. Once, I went in for day surgery. I was waiting in the recovery area for my ride to come and checked my bg - it was over 400, probably from the stress of the day. I asked a nurse to hand me my satchel so I could take a corrective dose and she replied, "oh no you don't - no outside drugs allowed on the premises".........duh?

MeadowLark said...

That was fun:) I can just "see" it all!
I'm a homeschooling mom with 6 still at home:)
Nice to meet you!

Donna said...

He's learned to mess with people who don't know as much as he does already. I love it! Good job, JJ!

Cody Turner said...

He reminds me of me at my doctor's office. I am on a medication that turns my urine blue and every time my doctor gets a new nurse, the other nurses let her do my labs for the first time and they know I never say I am on uro blue. To this day not one of his new nurses have looked and not freaked out when I have handed them a cup of blue urine. The other nurses just laugh when they hear the newbie say OMG, and my Dr. will walk around the corner shaking his head and laughing and say to me "You didn't tell her"

danilee said...

just read the last two posts. Glad to hear of your new "scale toting method" and even more glad that JJ got a good laugh about the nurse--that is awesome!

Hope you have had a super Mother's Day!


Donna said...

Hi Lynnea - You're it. You've been tagged. Here are the guidelines:

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Have fun!

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