Thursday, May 1, 2008

MAY DAY......MAY DAY........

HELP!!! We're being bombarded with.........


Now, before you get all excited about that, let me explain!!

Recently J.J. has been going low.....A LOT!!! We hit our first number in the 30's this past week. Plus we also had our first time ever waking up low.

By the would think a blood sugar level of 31 would make a kid comatose or something......but quite the contrary. He was running around......pushing his trucks outside!! He had no clue!!! I was checking him because I had a hunch he might be going low. He really hates it when he's low from running around and has to stop what he's doing to rest so we can get sugar in him. Can't blame him!!

So anyway......why the good numbers yesterday???


It was right around dinner time and I was telling hubby of the great numbers when I realized my mistake. We know Wed. nights are really active sports nights for us, so we decided to skip the dose and keep an eye on him during the night. (It was this same night the week before that we got the overnight low.) No problems so far!!! But he's not up yet to get the final number!!

So now I'm wondering if we should "forget" it again?? I had posed the question several months back about going to a "NO LANTUS" scenario, but the CDE said it's rare, and she wouldn't want it to be done for a long period. The endo suggested the opposite.....go high on Lantus, and decrease the meal boluses. But man.......after lantus looks good.

Maybe we'll take it day by day!!! Lantus or no Lantus we want more days like yesterday!!:-)


Scott K. Johnson said...


Brett said...

Some of our doctors have advocated high basal and low bolus numbers...but that is so counterintuitive to me.

If you have a high basal, you need to keep eating regularly to prevent lows.

My thinking is you have a certain basal that corresponds to the small amount you always need from the small amoutn of digestion that is always going on, etc. Then your bolus should match up perfectly with what you're eating so it offsets it and you're back at target and the bolus is gone.

Why on earth would you not want to match up your basal and bolus with the actual needs of your body for insulin? The doctors make no sense to me.

Lynnea said...


Brett...I totally see what you are saying!! Makes perfect sense to me!! So why can't the doc's figure that out?:)

Donna said...

My endo says it's best if my basals & bolus totals each day are pretty even. That seems to work well for me. But everybody is different. Good luck figuring this one out.

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