Friday, April 4, 2008


Main Entry: paranoid
1 : characterized by or resembling paranoia
2 : characterized by suspiciousness, persecutory trends, or megalomania
3 : extremely fearful

Yes, I've been characterized by #3 the past oh, I don't know...4 months!! What am I extremely fearful you ask? J.J. getting sick. Believe me I know it will have to happen. J.J. will get sick one of these days.

Those that may tend to look down on my paranoia must understand one thing......sickness has a whole new meaning with diabetes on board!!!

If you don't believe me please read about Katie's description of a stomach bug her son got this week. In fact check out her blog and send your love and hugs!! Her little guy has been in the hospital all week. That's all ......a stomach little thing in a little guy with diabetes!!!

So yeah....I guess I'm more afraid of the unknown. I've gone through illness with all of the kids and I'm used the "norm". I tend not to panic, I wait things out, wait for the body to do what it was designed to do.....but I don't believe that will be the case with J.J. always I calm my fears by bringing them to the foot of the Cross. I cannot worry about tomorrow for today certainly has enough trouble of it's own. When the day comes that J.J. gets sick I am assured He will be with me to carry me and strengthen me.

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Donna said...

What do people do in these situations if they don't have God in their life? That's the first thing I do in a scary or dreaded situation - talk to God. I'm glad you've got Him to talk to, too. He will take care of things.

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