Saturday, March 22, 2008


This morning I woke up thinking about dreams again!! I suppose it's because of Donna's post this week on the same topic, and we watched The Ultimate Gift last tear jerker...I'm wondering if it was the right timing for me to watch it!!:-( But back to dreams.....

This week I had two offers for donated pumps!! TWO!! I was able to hook up the second offer with someone on the Children with Diabetes forum that isn't able to get a pump. It may not work out, but again, there appears to be a need and people do have pumps they don't use anymore. So my mind is still dreaming of somehow hooking up the two groups.....those that need pumps and those that have pumps OR some sort of foundation that helps supply pumps to those that need them, but can't afford them or have cruddy insurance(like us!!).

My mind also has been going back to a fulfilled dream we had exactly one year ago. Hubby and I went on a cruise for our 15 year anniversary. I fulfilled a lifelong dream of "swimming" with dolphins!! For some reason, though, it makes me sad....I wonder if something like that will ever happen again. Right now, I can't see going to MacDonald's on a date let alone a cruise!! Oh well...... I suppose our dreams have changed......we'd love to take the WHOLE family next time!!

OH...we have a ton of other dreams....probably more important dreams....but those are just a couple that are on my mind this morning!!!

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Donna said...

Dreams are good to have. Sometimes they vary & change with time. But it's good to always have a dream.

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