Monday, January 28, 2008

It's All Worth It

I was up late last night, and ended up waking at the 3 am check because J.J. was "low" and needed juice. The extra moving around, lights being turned on, etc made it hard to sleep. My normal 6 am wake time flew past, and before I knew it....8 am was here. I was awakened by a slight movement in the bed. I sat up a little to see if anyone was in the room, but no one I thought. I laid in bed trying to wake up, but something seemed strange. I took out my earplugs, and then I heard it. Something or someone was in my room!! The slithering sound was getting closer to my side of the bed. I didn't move, I didn't make a sound....until.....a blond little head could be seen just beyond the covers. I sat up quickly and said "BOO!!".....which made the slinky, slitherer startle, jump and scream!!:-) We both laughed!!! J.J. says "I was trying to trick you Mama!". Which was quickly followed by "'s time to get up, I need to eat."

This set the tone for the whole day!! How much fun it is to have him make me laugh so easily. I eat up those times now. It's these moments that make me say "It's All Worth It!!!" All the finger pokes, all the shots, all the calculations, all the decisions about treatment, dosages,etc....all the care, all the worry, all the _______!!!.......IT'S ALL WORTH IT!!!

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